On a personal level

How does a guy who used to run a neuroanatomy lab wind up at the center of Taylor Guitars' digital marketing team?

At the UCSD School of Medicine, I researched neurons. It was fascinating stuff. I loved it. Soon, I was published.

Then something happened. I discovered that while I’m passionate about biology, I was less passionate about being a biologist.

I took a leap, changed everything - and put the more creative half of my double-major to work. Scientific illustration meant I could pursue more passions: Art, science, digital design - and an increasing obsession with the internet. How it works. Its applications and evolution. The timing couldn’t have been better. The internet exploded, so did my brain.

I feel like I was born for this. I’ve never looked back.

Center to my personal life in San Diego is my wife and two girls. Woven amongst the four of us is art, surfing, code, film, travel, good food - and an amazing assortment of inspirational characters we’re happy to call friends.