It’s extremely difficult to be a successful startup in any industry, but none more so than cannabis. Jetty Extracts is one of the top 5 selling cannabis brands in California. Despite being completely legal and compliant, many vendors will not work with a cannabis company. Digital marketing tactics most companies take for granted such as advertising, social media, and e-commerce are not available or in constant danger of being shut down without warning.


Jetty Extracts is analogous to a premium liquor brand. They take raw plant material and using proprietary techniques distill it into concentrated oils. As a brand, Jetty is legally barred from selling directly to consumers, so they have to compete for retail space in dispensary stores and e-commerce.

The customer experience is complex and presents many hurdles to buying. To solve this we used a combination of brand marketing, education, customer funnel optimization.

I built a digital marketing stack to convert customers from our owned channels such as social and events to emails in our CRM system. At the same time we used a combination of infotainment to educate new customers about our product categories alongside calls to action to purchase.